Support from FreeBank's "FBK Million Airdrop Activity" project traffic

The old driver of the mixed coin ring, for the project airdrop activities has been commonplace, "to the user Bitcoin address airdrop", "airdrop to the user Ethereum address", "to the xx mainstream currency address airdrop" and so on, the project side's purpose is nothing more than to use the huge influence of mainstream currency and user groups to promote their projects and development projects of seed users, According to the author's understanding of the relevant information, unlike other projects of the conventional airdrop method, FreeBank - Digital Currency Asset Bank this time will airdrop reward and user sharing and community building binding, recommend the number of users determine the number of participants reward, as of the time of this campaign, globally, FreeBank handheld APP downloads have exceeded 100,000, the total number of communities exceeded 1000, and the total number of FBK global communities has successfully exceeded 300,000. It can be said that this airdrop activity, FreeBank has achieved remarkable results.

In today's Internet, big data era, traffic, is every entrepreneur to pursue the goal. With traffic, you have the basis for the realization of the commercial value of the product, there is the opportunity to create new products, new business models, new business value. Unlike the large and homogeneous traffic in the Internet, the flow of traffic in the digital currency of blockchain is very valuable.
Blockchain industry as a short development of 10 years of emerging technology, on the one hand, the market is still in the user cultivation stage, the overall size of the industry in the world has not more than 100 million users, according to relevant data show that as the world's largest digital asset trading platform, the global station of the fire currency live users barely reached the million level. On the one hand, by the industry platform technology, service support is not perfect, there are industry users to join the threshold, high cost and other issues, the current blockchain industry is in the overall traffic is small, traffic dispersion pattern, all of which seriously restrict the development and outbreak of the industry.
In order to compete for a small number of industry traffic, "airdrop", "online community", "offline meeting" and other activities, dazzling, there have been jokes, to see KOL network red beauty, in addition to the traditional live video, you can also join the coin ring, participate in the project's online community and offline activities, with the project beauty CMO, FACE-TO-FACE COMMUNICATION SUCH AS BP. Although it is a joke, from this we can still see the industry traffic competition white heat scene.

However, the author believes that the industry practitioners in addition to competing for traffic, we should think more about how to repair the project's internal work, from the point of view of providing better applications, products and services to attract traffic, in order to retain users, generate value, promote the development of the industry. As ordinary people, we are mostly concerned about the number of users of fire coins, but it is easy to ignore the full range of services provided by the fire coin and APP good user experience.
Also, as the "FBK Million Airdrop Program" organized by FreeBank Digital Asset Bank, we may pay too much attention to the success of this event, but ignore the reasons for the success of the event, according to the author, FreeBank as the layout of the global digital asset bank, will establish its own public chain FB Chain, Pioneering cross-chain and cross-contract technology, you can expand more DApp applications and services, covering digital currency payment transactions, storage, financial management, social, exchange, new media, entertainment games, life services and other applications.
In short, the way to get traffic may be by way, but the retention of traffic also requires blockchain practitioners like Fire Coin and FreeBank Digital Asset Bank from the industry market, user perspective to craft better products and services, so that the entire industry can usher in the convergence and explosion of traffic.

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