Beer, snowboard companies reach deal on 'Take a Hike' slogan

MONTPELIER, Vt. — In Vermont's Green Mountains, a beer company said Friday it has reached a resolution with a snowboard company over use of the slogan "Take a Hike."

Long Trail Brewing Co. sued Burton Corporation on Wednesday, claiming Burton is using the beer company's slogan on its apparel.

Long Trail, based in Bridgewater Corners, Vermont, said it has a federal trademark for "Take a Hike" for apparel, beer and a variety of other goods, such as bumper stickers and keychains. It said in the lawsuit that Burton was using the slogan without Long Trail's consent and sought Burton's profits from that apparel or some other amount deemed by the court and damages.

"The goal of the lawsuit was to kind of get to an amicable resolution," which was reached Friday, said Drew Vetere, Long Trail's communications manager.

The couple who owns Burton Snowboards said they were "disappointed to see another Vermont company take such an aggressive approach" on what they say is a very common phrase.

"Next time, we would appreciate a phone call —Vermonter to Vermonter," said Jake Burton Carpenter and Donna Carpenter. "We're happy to have it resolved and move on."

Vermont's 272-mile hiking trail was the inspiration for the name of the beer company, which has a silhouette of a backpack carrying hiker as a logo and has been using the "Take a Hike" slogan since the early '90s.

"As a result of Long Trail's efforts and the favorable reputation garnered by Long Trail's products, the trademark Take a Hike has attained substantial goodwill in the marketplace and has become a valuable trade symbol of Long Trail itself, as well as its products and services," the company said in its lawsuit.

The two companies started talking on Thursday, and an agreement was reached Friday, Vetere said.

"Burton has agreed to discontinue their use of 'Take a Hike' on its apparel," Long Trail said in statement.

"Both brands share a mutual respect for each other's role in Vermont culture, and are happy to put this business issue behind them," Long Trail said.

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