Police: Man in Kylie Jenner crash admits homeless killing

May 19, 2017

Authorities say a California man on probation for crashing his car into a gate at Kylie Jenner's house last year walked into a police station and confessed to killing a homeless man

ANAHEIM, Calif. — A California man who crashed his car into a gate at TV celebrity Kylie Jenner's house last year walked into a police station and confessed to killing a homeless man, which led investigators to link him to the death of a second transient, authorities said Thursday.

Marvin Magallanes, 25, was arrested on suspicion of murder in the stabbing deaths of the two men last year in Anaheim south of Los Angeles, police Sgt. Daron Wyatt said.

Investigators studying forensic evidence determined this month that a single suspect was responsible for the killings last year on Jan. 25 and Oct. 27.

"Detectives were working toward identifying the suspect, and then out of the blue he walked in the front door and said, 'I want to confess,'" Wyatt said.

He was taken into custody a day after his May 11 confession and was being held without bail.

Wyatt did not know the name of his court-appointed lawyer. The crash at Jenner's house happened in June of last year but Wyatt and Los Angeles police could not immediately provide the date it happened.

Both homeless men were asleep when they were attacked less than 2 miles (3.2 kilometers) from Magallanes' Anaheim home. Detectives said there's no indication that Magallanes knew the victims or that the victims knew each other.

Magallanes made headlines last year when he was sentenced to 10 days in jail for the crash outside Jenner's house near Los Angeles.

Magallanes is charged with two felony counts of murder with the use of a deadly weapon, according to court records. Prosecutors are also alleging special circumstances, which would qualify Magallanes for the death penalty if he is convicted.

Magallanes was scheduled for his first court appearance on Tuesday, Wednesday and then Thursday, but court records indicated he wasn't brought into the courtroom because he was "hospitalized due to a medical illness or injury," the Orange County Register reported (http://bit.ly/2qFSM77).

Salvador Magallanes told the newspaper that his brother's mental health wavered over the last two years.

"He's been depressed and using pills and alcohol," he said outside the family's home. "He started to imagine things and, like, hallucinate about stuff that wasn't there."

Salvador Magallanes, 28, said his brother's substance abuse and depression were triggered by a breakup with his girlfriend, who is the mother of his young child.

"After that, he wasn't the same," the brother said. "It was downhill."

Court records show that Marvin Magallanes pleaded guilty last year to disturbing the peace and fighting for a 2012 incident. In July 2015, he pleaded guilty to resisting an officer.

Magallanes had imagined a relationship with Jenner after communicating with someone on Instagram he thought was the celebrity, his brother said.

After the arrest at the television star's home and other failed attempts to meet her, Marvin Magallanes' depression worsened, his brother said.

"This isn't the Marvin we know," his brother said.